💦💧🇯🇵 Japan Flooding - (Typhoon Maria)*Don't miss* - Related Video:🎬'Japan flood: Rescuers comb through mud for victims'➡️ https://bit.ly/2um4Eh7👉 *see updated death toll☑️ https://bit.ly/2KPobRZ🚦✅Kali ¥uga [*UPDATED* Report] Sat Jul 07 14:03:37 2018 - Brazil time📝 At least 200 killed in 'historic floods' and landslides across JapanIn Japan, dozens of people have died and many more are injured or missing as heavy rain continues to pour down across western and central areas. The country's media report that more than 1.6 million people have been moved from their homes to safer areas away from the flooding and landslides. Almost 50,000 workers are responding to the emergency.Hiroshima has been badly hit, turning city streets into rivers. Businesses have closed, factories have had to shut down production. One man died there when he fell off a bridge and several others were injured in a landslide. People are using whatever means they can to escape the waters including inflatable boats._____________________________________📝 Japan Reels From Heavy Rains; Dozens Killed and Millions EvacuatedTOKYO — Record torrential rains across western and central Japan unleashed flooding and landslides in several residential areas, killing dozens and triggering weather warnings in four districts of the country.By Saturday evening, at least 51 people were dead and 48 were missing, according to the public broadcaster NHK. More than one million people in 18 districts had been ordered to evacuate their homes, and an additional 3.5 million had been urged to leave.The Japan Meteorological Agency reported on Saturday that rainfall in many of the affected areas had reached record levels — with some areas reporting rain two or three times as high as the monthly average for all of July over just five days.🗨️ “This is a record high rainfall which we never experienced,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a Saturday morning ministers’ meeting, urging his cabinet to take “every measure to prevent the disaster from worsening by taking advance actions.”Some 48,000 emergency responders from the police, fire department and defense forces are taking part in the search-and-rescue operations, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said.A man died after falling off a bridge into a river in the southwestern city of Hiroshima, and another died after being swept into a canal, NHK reported. An elderly woman was found dead in her house after a mudslide swept through it.Footage posted to social media, purportedly taken in the town of Takehara in Hiroshima prefecture, shows mud and debris from an apparent landslide strewn across a roadway. Other clips show portions of roads swept into raging rivers.While the rainfall had lessened in many areas by Saturday night, the national weather service warned that flooding could continue in some areas including Gifu, Hiroshima, and Shimane. Parts of southern, western and central Japan were still bracing for more.Landslides demolished the home of a couple in their 80s in the southern city of Kagoshima city, the public broadcaster reported, after neighbors said they heard a roaring noise and saw a hillside collapse. The couple is still missing and police and fire officials are searching for them.In Kurashiki City in Okayama prefecture, an area hit especially hard by flooding, a nursing home was inundated, leaving some of the residents stranded, the public broadcaster reported.A river bank collapsed in the city, flooding much of the area and prompting hundreds to take shelter on their rooftops where they awaited rescue by boat and helicopter.The national public broadcaster warned on Saturday night that those under evacuation orders should immediately move to municipal shelters, but for those unable to leave, they advised moving to a higher level of the home._____________________________________[Euronews]:➡️ https://bit.ly/2J3atFh[The New York Times]:➡️ https://nyti.ms/2NxirKw

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Supertifón María ha cobrado ya 86 víctimas al inundar Hiroshima, Japón

Supertifón María inundó Japón, hasta el momento 38 personas ha muerto, 47 están desaparecidas

Este fin de semana ha sido desastroso en el país del sol naciente, por la llegada del Supertifón María por cuyas lluvias e inundaciones han tenido que ser desplazadas millones de personas; una de las zonas es cercana a Hiroshima, donde se han reportado hasta el momento 38 personas fallecidas además de un reporte de 47 personas como desaparecidas. [...]